Who you gonna call…

I will start today’s entry by sharing how someone once described me. If you were to choose a character from Winnie the Pooh, I am Christopher Robin. The voice of reason as it were. I have almost no phobias, although when I see centipedes I swear I hear that sound from the shower scene in the movie Psycho. Those things are creepie. I am not a person who thinks in worse case scenarios, I prefer to conjur up the most positive result of a situation first, working on the theory that the universe is listening and will produce the thing you ask for so put the good stuff out there first.

Anyway, I say all this because I don’t want you to think I am crazy when I tell you I think my house is haunted. Not in an Amityville Horror kind of way, the walls are not bleeding and no major infestestion of flies are appearing. But in the last few weeks odd things have happened. Like when I woke up early in the morning to what I would swear was a womans laughter coming over the monitor from Cooper’s room. Then there is the fact that Cooper has been waking up in the middle of the night, between 1 and 3 am, to play. He is in there laughing, chatting, i.e. blathering toddler babble. Over the weekend when this happened, I went in to see him, and he was sitting in his crib. He pointed past me, as if pointing at someone behind me. We went downstairs to have a cup of milk and hang out for a bit before he decided he was tired and wanted to go back to sleep. While I sat on the couch, he stood in front of me, with his side to me, facing the room to my right, and reached up and smiled as if there were a person standing there in front of him, and he wanted that person to pick him up.

HEEBIE JEEBIES Batman, there may be spook about. He has acted like he was looking at something I couldn’t see before, but this is the first time he truly acted like there was a PERSON I couldn’t see. Wooga booga. When I found out I was pregnant I said “It is this house. It wants a baby in it” because the last two couples to live in the house both got pregnant while living there and then moved out either right before or right after the baby arrived. I could make a mint selling my house if I could advertise it was freaking fertility central. How else do you explain a 41 year old woman with no other pregnancies in her history getting knocked up within 8 months of living in the house? Maybe the sperm donor has something to do with it, but I am going with the supernatural explanation. More interesting.

My brother, the handsome, intelligent and slightly insane brother, has had experience with seeing or sensing spirits. Like that dude John Edward, not the one who can’t get himself elected as vice president or president but the one who does Crossing Over and talks to spirits. Except my brother is reluctant to embrace this “talent” if you will. But he says he found a spirit living in my last house, and based on his description, it may have been Margaret, the woman whose family built that house, where she lived her entire life and where she died. He told her to move along, cross over and be on her way. But he is freaked out by being able to sense spirits, and thus is not making millions like that Edwards dude.

If he didn’t live in Oregon I would have him over in a flash to use his spook-o-scope and check out my current home. I don’t mind that there might be a spirit hanging around. What I do mind is that he or she seems to be waking my kid up at 3am to play. Mamma needs her beauty sleep dagnabbit, leave the kid alone. Dad gets up sometimes too, and he isn’t any happier about it.

I might have to spring for a plane ticket to get the sibling spookometer out here. Either that or try having a heart to heart with him or her, I am inclined to think her, myself. But frankly, I am glad I am not able to sense them. I have enough on my plate dealing with the living. The dead need to take care of themselves.


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