And the award goes to…

I wish I knew to whom to credit for this. I give credit to my brother for passing it along. You have to understand that he lives in Oregon. This is a state where I believe they have genetically bred the gene for appreciating sarcasm and irony out of the local population. It is only by immigrants like my brother and other relatives relocating and polluting the DNA lines with our east coast bred gene pool that it can even be found, hiding in among the eco-terrorists and practicing witches. Both of whom are represented in my extended family living out there I would like to point out.

I watch the burgeoning sense of humor I see in Cooper with pride and affection, but also with a sense of dread. I know how cruel kids can be to their parents, lord knows my parents have felt the pain of having their shortcomings and flaws examined under the microscope of my and my brother’s teenage (and not so teenage) glare. It is a rite of passage though in our family, and to those that have mocked, mocking must be given. So I am waiting. It won’t be long. His first full sentence will most likely involve asking me about the excessive amount of dog hair on my backside and did I really intend to leave the house that way.

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