Pink is the color of…

Infection. Crankiness. Complete and utter inconsolableness. Is that a word? It should be. It describes Cooper to a T. And what does that mean anyway – to describe someone to a T? I digress. Cooper has pink eye. And a cold, or perhaps bronchitis. We have to wait a bit more to see if it becomes more than a mild cold. He has green goop oozing from his eyes and nose. He is NOT pulling on his ears. That was the concern of the doctor’s office when we called yesterday, on a Sunday. I never call on the weekend. Until there was green goop oozing out of my kids PINK eyeball. It has been going around at school. We never had this as kids. It seems more prevalent now. So I called because I wanted the prescription for the drops sooner rather than later. Three phone calls later we had the prescription. The doctor was concerned it might be more and suggested going to the ER. Uh, no. We went once before on his recommendation when Cooper was 3 months old or so, and he had a very odd breathing pattern. With preemies you have to watch for odd breathing. 50 or more breaths in a minute and it is odd. So he was worried there might be an infection. 5 hours and who knows how many of my hard earned dollars later (after the insurance kicked in their part) we found out he was normal. I was NOT going through that again for a MAYBE ear infection. I know the signs, and they were not in attendance. Nor are they now.

But he is inconsolable, periodically. He sits and reads, then he watches the Hoobs, or Sesame Street or has some blueberries, and is happy. But then he isn’t. And he isn’t in spades. He coughs, a little, harsh, fleghmy cough, and then he cries. But he isn’t coughing constantly. Just occasionally. Poor little bean. And by the way, he HATES cranberry juice. It is the only juice I have in the house. HELLOOOO, it goes with vodka. We haven’t been big on giving him juice, but I thought maybe it would be better than fleghm producing milk. I watered it down. With water, not vodka. He hated it. He does drink water some times, but we will stick to milk for now.

When will I get the pink eye? I don’t like the idea. I have never had it. Don’t want it either. Oh well. But this explains the cranky bedtime behavior. He hates the eye drops, but he has been going to bed a bit better in the last day or so since they have been employed.



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2 responses to “Pink is the color of…

  1. Oz

    Oh, poor Cooper. I hope he feels better soon. If he won’t drink any cranberry juice, at least you’ve got the makings of a cocktail.

  2. Hope Cooper gets better. I’ve actually had a cough since January. It’s now a bazooka cough. When I cough my wife ducks. (no pun).

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