Duuuuude. This milk is like, aaaaawsome.
Cooper and his ever present side kick, Kaloo.

In the ongoing saga of Cooper’s ear infection, we discovered today he may be allergic to amoxicillin. Which is not a great thing. That means that all penicillin derivitives could be off limits. I stayed home with him again today, and when he woke up from his first nap, he had a few hives. I wasn’t sure that was what they were, I don’t get them myself. This evening, an hour or so after he had his second dose of antibiotic, he had many hives. So I called the after hours doctor line, and ended up talking to our own doctor who happened to be the on call doctor. We don’t have to go to the emergency room, that is the good news. We have to see him tomorrow, and we gave Coop some Benadryl. Which was also good news, since that made him go to sleep, finally. Prior to that he was a bit wired and wouldn’t go to sleep. So one half dose of Benadryl and a bath later, he is out.

But the fun part of the day was Cooper’s hair. He has suddenly developed curly hair. His father had a full on afro when he was in high school. There is some seriously curly hair on that side of the family. Not so much on mine. I have bone straight hair. If I do nothing to it after washing it, it has NO curl. It is flat, fine and limp. The volume and lift I have in my hair is all courtesy of product. Major product. Volumizing foam before drying, “glue” for shaping and hair spray for the hold. This is not touchable, run your fingers through it hair. It is has it’s own force field. And I am fine with that. But I am also kind of happy that Cooper may have inherited his father’s hair. The Bob keeps his hair pretty short these days, but once upon a time he had the ‘fro and worked it. He had the pick, and he made it work. I didn’t know him then, but I have seen the pictures. Being a straight haired person, I have lived my life in awe of curly hair. I paid major dollars in the 80’s for a spiral curl perm. Do they even do perms any more? So if my kid has a chance to have that naturally, YIPPEEE!


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3 responses to “Duuuude

  1. Noooo! Poor Coop! And I feel really guilty for thinking this but he looks seriously adorable sick. And yeah, how did the hair go curly overnight? I myself love men with curly hair. Women, not so much. Me, I got it and gots no choice.Anyway, just ant to say I hope he feels better soon and nice turkey vulture snap!Cheers,Susie

  2. Thanks for the sympathy. He is doing better, but I am not. Ugh. He wasn’t so cute when he yakked all over himself at school, but otherwise, he has been a trooper through all of this. M

  3. Super Cooper trooper! :)Now you get better, ya hear?

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