When men shop…

Okay, this first picture is of the products that my husband purchased when left to his own devices in the store. Fortunately, these are not my achilles heel products. I am a salty/crunchy gal. Bring home a bag of pretzles or worse, CHIPS and I am DOOMED. But this stuff, not so much. The muffins are actually what Cooper eats for breakfast right now. He loves mini muffins. These are not so bad nutrition wise. But the donuts…that is another story. And Captain Crunch. What can I say about that. Cooper LOVES this cereal. He usually turns his nose up at anything new, but put some of the Crunch in front of him and wow wow wubbzy.

And I am mad at MotionBox right now. I have had more trouble getting videos to appear on this blog via that website. AND I cannot share them with the people in my contacts list, even though that is how you are supposed to share videos. I am going to look for some other hosting site.

In mom news, she is going home tomorrow. YEAH! She is doing really well. I am very grateful.

And the pictures of Cooper crack me up. He had a Bob’s BigBoy swoosh going on today with all the humidity we have been having. It is only 67 degrees, but 96% humidity. We had toad strangling torrential downpours today. The good news is our new sump pump system works!


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