Okay, call us bad parents, but seriously…

Today the Bob got tired of watching the Hoobs on Sprout TV, so he decided Cooper would enjoy watching a Queen concert he had recorded – hey, it was on PBS as part of a fund raiser, so it is educational! Anyway, there we were, watching Queen, when they began performing “Somebody To Love”. Freddie Mercury was playing the piano and singing. Cooper bee lined over to the wall of bins of his toys and pulled out his little toy piano, plopped himself behind it and began playing along. Hopefully that is what you will see on the video here. It was completely spontaneous on his part and VERY entertaining for us. The 40 seconds you see here was the tail end of this and they had moved on to a new song, which was not as rockin’ as the other song, but it took us a moment to realize what he was doing.

I leave tomorrow to visit my parents. Mom seems to be doing well. I will be happy to see both of them, but Cooper and Bob have to survive being home alone. Lord knows what Cooper will end up going to school dressed in or what his meals will consist of. I am sure they will both survive and I will be forgotten by the time I come home.



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  1. Oz

    I love it!Glad to hear your mom is doing better. Hope you have a good trip, and that the amount of Captain Crunch consumed in your absence is kept to a minimum.

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