The treadmill gods

The politically incorrectly named Sambo
Cooper looking cute

So I came home to a surprise. I wondered why the old dead treadmill was out on the front sidewalk when we got home yesterday. It is garbage day today, but that seemed awfully motivated of a man on his own for a week. Turns out that Bob aquired his old treadmill from his ex-wife FOR FREE while I was gone. She had been using it, but had foot surgery and decided she would stop running for the time being. So we have a new used treadmill. It is in good shape and now I can keep up my weightloss campaign without freezing my butt off in a few months when it begins to snow.

And the dogs of the cove are shown above. We never got pictures of Mr. Darcy and Lizzy, two little dogs that fell in love with Cooper. They are named for the Pride and Prejudice characters. We also missed getting a picture of Marley, who left the day we arrived. He was a big yellow lab.

My dogs were happy to see me, although Buster the beagle is currently out visiting with the ex-wife. I would like him to stay there, but that is another story for another day.


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