Incessant calls

At some point our phones became less about our convenience and more about being a vehicle for annoying me to no end.

I am of the opinion that since I pay for the phone, it is my choice whether I answer it or not. And I am quite comfortable NOT answering the phone. I know some people who just can’t ignore an ringing phone. I am not one of them.

I use my cell phone for almost everything. At one time we didn’t even have a land line, but once Cooper arrived, we decided to get one again. But we never give that number out, so we almost never get calls on it.

Over the last two days I have been getting a call, probably once an hour at least from an 866 number. Actually multiple 866 numbers. I have not been answering them, and decided to Google one of the numbers. Apparently a lot of people have been getting calls from this one number. The comments indicate that even if you answer there often is no one there. They never leave a message.

What is really annoying about this is that I keep wondering whenever my phone rings if it is Jim calling to tell me that Dave has died. I went to see them again today, and Dave is definitely getting weaker. He doesn’t really say anything anymore. Because he has always had a soft spot for my dog Gus, I took him a stuffed Schnauzer to keep him company. I took a bunch of tea to Jim. It is hard.

So I really want whomever is behind these phone calls to stop calling. I am not going to answer the phone, so just stop calling.


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