And so it begins…

Erg. I came home today from work around 11:30 and by 2 was becoming one with my toilet. The BUG has hit. So far neither Cooper or Bob have it. I wouldn’t mind if neither of them did. I am happy to be the one taking it for the team. What is the hardest part of being sick with the stomach bug for me is the waiting and feeling sooooo crappy. The aching and freezing. I eventually managed to keep some Pepto and advil down, so I am feeling MUCHO much better. I managed to sleep a little. The best is that I wasn’t up in the middle of the night feeling this bad.

This means I missed the holiday party that the president of our college hosts each year. Oh well. I had a good excuse.



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4 responses to “And so it begins…

  1. Oh no! Stomach bugs are the worst.Um, you may want to check Cranky Fitness for the Wednesday post on the Timex winner…And stomach flu is definitely a good reason for an extension! Give us a holler by email when you get this.

  2. I use that one all the time to miss office parties. It’s like why does everyone feel so compelled to jamb all these parties in at Christmas? Why not invite me over on Earth Day? Srsly, sorry you’re not feel’in well. I’m standing in the Post Office and the lady behind the counter looks like she been ate by a wolf and shit off a cliff. I says, “You sick?” She say, “Uh Hu.” I look at her and says, “If you’re sick you shouldn’t be working in a post office. Oh and hope you feel better.”Today, my throat started getting scratchy. Moral: Stay home, get better, watch old movies and don’t infect anyone.

  3. did you respond in time to win the Timex? glad to hear you feel better today. sounds almost like something you ate – but time will tell I guess. Hateful bugs. I do recall not allowing throwing up in our house so the son did it in the car! That was ugly for quite awhile. Such chat must end! Yuck.

  4. AGH! I never win anything, and the day I am vomiting my brains out I win something. I hope I still qualify!

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