Let it snow…

We received our first real snow of the season yesterday, but not enough for the Bob to break out the snowblower. Tomorrow will most likely provide that opportunity. We are anticipating 10 inches of snow, possibly more, over the course of the day and into the evening. Of course we are at the end of finals week here at the college, so all sorts of plans have been put in place for holding the finals as early in the day as possible, but we haven’t figured out Saturday’s schedule. We are a primarily residential campus, so the students are a captive audience, but the faculty are the ones who would have a hard time getting here, or getting home again. Last year right around this time we got wholloped with a storm that dumped a foot of snow in a few hours on the region, and it was taking people 5 or 6 hours to make what would normally be a 30 minute commute. My commute normally takes 10 minutes and it took me 30 that day. I was one of the lucky ones and got out early. 5 hours in the car with Cooper would have been baaaaad.

My plan is to go home at noon with Cooper so we get home before the weather gets bad and before his nap. We will stock up on the essentials, like milk and wine and duraflame logs and be ready for hunkering down.

Cooper is not a fan of snow. If his little bare hand touches it, he holds his hand up and makes a grimace. He also hates wearing mittens, so this puts him a difficult space.

And finally, I have noticed a positive side effect to the economic crisis: I am not getting a bajillion credit card offers in the mail each week. A few trees are living a little longer in the world now. I imagine this also makes identity theft a little more difficult too. If no one can get credit approved under a real name, I expect it is that much harder to do so pretending to be someone else. So trees are living longer, I don’t have as much shredding to do and people with nefarious intentions in their hearts have to find other ways to steal. Bonus.


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  1. I know what you mean. I can’t stand those crooks.BTW, please send me your social security number b/c I want to sign you up for a raffle. Thanx

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