Snowy Saturday

It is 12:10pm on Saturday and it is still snowing. It stopped during the night supposedly, but it has been snowing steadily since we got up.

This is Cooper expressing some displeasure with being up to his hips in snow. He got over it when we went out front and he discovered the joys of shoveling. I can only hope that when he is old enough to REALLY help shoveling, he will still want to. He was desperate to get out and join dad outside. Once out there he just kept saying No no no no. However, the lure of using a miniature shovel and hanging out with Fletcher up the street was too overwhelming.

This is the chair on my deck. I won’t be sitting there anytime soon.

This is the japanese maple in our front yard.

This is the morning snow measurement – 8 inches, give or take. Since it has been snowing steadily for hours now, we are probably up to 10 inches. Now the snow is the big fluffy flakes that make New England so charming during the winter. Until you have to drive in it. Bob got to break out the snowblower. Our driveway is really short, but there is almost nowhere to put the snow when shoveling. The blower allows him to launch the bulk of it into the yard.

I like snow up until the first of the year. Then I am done with it. I like the Currier and Ives version of Christmas, but after that, I am ready for spring.


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  1. Aha, did MidLifeMama want to put one boot into the snow at that same age? It must feel like drowning to smallfry. Weatherperson’s wet dream – the predicting of storms in Oregon. Snow, ice, freezing rain, snow, rain, goats and cows – anything can fall from the sky today – tomorrow. Mountains, valleys gorges all rattle the radar.

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