When worlds collide

So I had embraced Facebook somewhat reluctantly. I began by pretty much finding a few friends from my undergraduate college years. Then one day someone from high school found me. That led to more friends from high school surfacing, and then I found Bill on Facebook, and found Bill lived IN MY TOWN.

I am sure this happens all the time, but I went to high school in Bay Village OH. That is a bit of a way from Boston. To find that someone I knew almost 30 years ago and haven’t talked to since lives within a few miles of my house is just a surprise.

We got together this morning for coffee at this little cafe on Main St. in town. He really does look almost exactly the same, and is a funny guy. It was great to reconnect, introduce him to the Bob and Cooper. Of course Cooper was delightful for about 30 minutes, then went in Brownian Motion Mode. I sent the Bob home with him and chatted more with Bill.

This is us and our senior year yearbook which he brought along. It was hilarious looking up people we haven’t seen since 1982. I can’t find my yearbooks at the moment.

And now I can say I know not just one, but TWO architects. I go my whole life not knowing any, and now I know two.

So, as far as Facebook encounters go, this has been a positive one. It might even mean having new/renewed friendships develop.

Oh yeah – one of the guys working at the cafe is a student at my college. Seriously, when worlds collide…


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