And why does a jar cost $3.99?

Today is one of those days when everytime I want to do something in the kitchen, I have to clean up first. This morning we woke up to several inches of snow and it was still falling, so I decided it was a perfect morning to try making cinnamon buns. It was a mix, I didn’t get THAT fancy. Other than becoming a sticky dough monster while kneading it went alright. But I had to clean up a bit to find counter space. The dishwasher needed to be emptied and then filled. So that was done.

Then when I went to make lunch, I needed one of the mixing bowls I had used to make the buns, so I had to wash a few things. Then I realized, after opening a can of tuna, that we still had no mayonnaise. Since I had no interest in going out to buy some, I decided to see if the article I had read not too long ago in either Gourmet or Bon Apetit magazine about how easy it is to make your own was right, and found a recipe to make it myself.

One egg, a cup of oil, a teaspoon of mustard and some salt and cayenne pepper and approximately 3 minutes total of mixing, I had mayonnaise.

And it was GOOD. I believe it probably cost me a total of 57 cents to make about a cup. And it made a great tuna sandwich.

It has been a cooking weekend. I made leg of lamb for dinner last night. I joined a meat CSA – Community Supported Association – and once a month four of us split a delivery of meat from a local farm. It is the first time I have cooked lamb, leg or otherwise. I cooked it like I would a roast and it was deLISH. I like the idea of eating locally and supporting local farms. I will try another CSA for veggies this summer. I did it two summers ago and was unhappy with what we got. If I never see another bunch of mizuna again I will be happy. The variety was not great. I might not do a CSA and try just to shop local farmers markets instead. But the meat experience has been a good one. We have tried ground beef, sausage, pork chops and lamb so far. I have some chicken to check out too.

Anyway, I may never buy mayo again. I can put my food processor to work more regularly this way too.



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5 responses to “And why does a jar cost $3.99?

  1. Yes, but can you make Miracle Whip!

  2. Sheeesh, watch some Alton Brown. He will admonish you into making everything from scratch simply by explaining how easy it is.(Miracle Whip = add vinegar)

  3. Hate to say this, but, the EGG! It is usually raw, right? This could be a source of salmonella for you. Option is to use “fake” eggs as I call them as they are pasturized.

  4. I have days like that all the time. And yet I still love making things from scratch. It makes me “scratch” my head in wonder at the cost of baking mix, for instance. Sounds like your mayo turned out yummy.

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