45 degrees is the new 70

This is where my butt is hanging out for the next hour or so until Cooper wakes up from his nap or the sun goes in. It is nice and toasty on my deck and I am going to soak up as much vitamin D as I can. Because it is supposed to be cold and nasty later this week.

I have a problem with deck umbrellas. They keep breaking. We have had two here at this house so far in 3 years. Some how they just break. One of the arms broke in a storm on the first one. An arm broke on the second one at a knot in the wood. This time we are getting an unattractive one that is aluminum. And blocks UV rays. And tilts. I will let you know how that works out. I have been scoping out deals, and found a reasonably priced one at Solutions.com. We shall see.

Rats. I don’t think I am getting another hour out of Cooper. I hear him now.



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2 responses to “45 degrees is the new 70

  1. My father bought one that is off-set and bolted to the deck! It is huge and feels as if one could live in it before it is even opened. He had really strong feelings as to where it should be put up. Those feelings were slightly off kilter as the maxim shade from it caused people to huddle in one corner of the deck. Ah, best of plans.

  2. Then why does it still feel like 45?

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