Welcome to Short Attention Span Theater

Hello and welcome to Short Attention Span Theater. I am your host, Cooper. Shall we begin?

BOB THE BUILDER, Can we build it? BOB THE BUILDER, Yes we CAN! BOBOBOBOBOBOBOBOBOB. Where is my Bob the Builder belt???? AAAAHHHHH MUST HAVE IT ON. Press the button and make it sing ALL.THE.TIME. HAT? Where is hat??

No Bob. Not this. Queen. Queen?MACKMACKMACKMACK. Oooooooooh Ramone. MACK.

Not this. Outside. OutSIDE. OUTSIDE. Sandboxsandboxsandbox. Trucktrucktruck. Must take truck to sandbox. Pour sand in and out of things. Pour pour pour.

Insideinsideinside. MILK MILK MILK. momomomomomommmmmmmmmmmmmy. Must stand on mommy’s feet. Climb on mommmy. Fling self off mommy onto couch.

Books. Read. More books. Another book. Wiggle all over like ants are in our pants.

Thomas. Want train. AGH Buster stop, no touch, Buster no. Nice Buster. Nice Gus. PONCHO! DOGS!

Jack. Jack, BIG MUSIC SHOW. Guitar. Please. Jack’s big music shooooooooooooooow.

Intermission. Naptime. Upon waking, repeat from the top. For variety change order of demands.



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3 responses to “Welcome to Short Attention Span Theater

  1. Yeah… teens are the same. It’s just the radius from the house in which the chaotic motion occurs grows at a geometric rate.

  2. This is good stuff! Many interests, many talents. Tiring? Of course. Such a challenge. Lots to love.

  3. Oz

    Oh, yes. When we were visiting my brother (who has an 8-week old), he asked in a way that was gentle for him, “When do you start thinking about ADHD?” And I said, “ADHD? He is a toddler. This is what they do. Just wait.”

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