Deep in the heart of Texas…

Tomorrow I get on an airplane and go to San Antonio for a conference. Two conferences really, that always happen back to back. Financial aid related conferences. So I will be in a land where it is approximately 12000 degrees, sitting in sessions learning more about federal regulations and blahblahblah. The interesting part is that the new president of NASFAA (national association of financial aid administrators) was just indicted on 8 felony counts from his time at a college in CA. He was supposed to be the keynote speaker. He won’t be speaking.

So Bob will be in charge of three dogs and one child for the 5.5 days I will be gone. I am SURE he will handle it just fine, but I would appreciate it greatly if I don’t come home to the same situation I found the last time I had to leave him in charge for any length of time. That time I came home to a son who would not go to bed before 9pm and would not fall asleep in his bed. Since we are currently blessed with a child who goes to bed like it is his job, with a sigh and a smile and many kisses and hugs, I would like to keep it that way. Otherwise I am sure all will be well.

I have never been to Texas, other than on a layover in the Dallas airport. This will be interesting. I don’t really like being hot. That is actually a wild understatement. If it breaks 80 degrees around here I am sweating and uncomfortable. I used to have a stove with a dial for the oven temperature (as opposed to the digital version I have now) which had 110 as the lowest temperature. So officially, this is the temperature at which things might begin COOKING? I just checked, they are predicting temperatures between 101 and 104 over the next 6 days. With sunny or partly cloudy days. Such a difference from the 69 degrees and rainy we have been having here.

I will be attempting to give updates here while I am there. Unless I have melted into an indistinguishable puddle of goo.



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3 responses to “Deep in the heart of Texas…

  1. Go to La Margarita. Have a margarita and a beef fajita for me. Been to San Antone hundreds of times. When you drive on McDermott Parkway, know he use to be my boss. Robert McD as I called him, founded the Air Force academy. He sent me to Hawaii a couple of times to handle business for him.

  2. So, how often will you be outdoors? Those hot places are like northern places in the winter – you stay indoors. We had a year in Abilene in 1960-1. Interesting time. They had "swamp coolers" in some houses.

  3. Perhaps the guy should be the keynote speaker – could have interesting things to tell you all.

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