A random case of hives

Yesterday I got a call from Cooper’s school saying that when he got up from his nap he was covered in hives. So off I went to buy some Benadryl and go get him from day care. And yes, he was having quite a hive event. His chest and stomach were covered, and there were a few spots on his legs.

He had not eaten anything unusual, since he is the least adventurous eater you will EVER meet. They had taken a walk down the street to the local supermarket, and he ate a piece of american cheese at the deli. Nothing unusual about that. This morning he still had some residual hives, so I decided to keep him home and keep an eye on things. When I called to let them know he would not be in school, the teacher had remembered that he had touched a lobster at the store. Neither Bob nor I have a shellfish allergy, and usually you have to ingest it to have a reaction, but I suppose it is not out of the question. I think it is more likely he has some sort of little virus and it is causing the hives. That theory has been mostly confirmed by things I have read on the internet.

But it is a very disturbing site, your little boy’s chest and stomach covered in red hives. He didn’t seem bothered by them at all. And he didn’t turn blue or puffy or have any breathing problems. Here is hoping it all just goes away.



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5 responses to “A random case of hives

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