Today over at The Women’s Colony, a fabulous blog community, they are having a Blue challenge. This challenge involves putting up pictures on your blog that feature that color.

In thinking about it, while I love the color blue, I don’t take pictures of it much, with a few exceptions.

The beach at Caneel Bay on St. John when we were on our honeymoon.

My blue-eyed baby.

The three blond, blue-eyed amigos in our neighborhood.

A little blue bug at the Halloween parade yesterday.

Check out the Women’s Colony. It is a great community and there are some seriously talented photographers out there!



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7 responses to “Blue…

  1. the 3 amigos are SO CUTE! I'm going to go check out the Women's Colony. Sounds interesting.

  2. Like I'm your husband or something. You crack me up. I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. I'd make you some big chicken soups and get you in comfy clothes and make you lay on the couch and baby you to happy health. I hope you feel betters.

  3. g

    Look at those cute little guys!! I remember when mine was that age – so cute!

  4. Look at all those blue-eyed cuties! Thanks for sharig your pics! 🙂

  5. Love the boys in blue!

  6. I love the little neighborhood posse that you have going on there. Heh. And, I love baby blues. 😉

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