A study in green

Over at the Women’s Colony this week the photo challenge is Green.



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4 responses to “A study in green

  1. So much beautiful green. I wish that I could have jade plants, or succulents, OR ANY PLANT. However, my cats manage to tear the leaves off everything except for the plants that hang way up high. 🙂

  2. Good eye in these pics. Interesting idea she had. That jade is from of your grandpa's plant is it not? Mine bit the dust after many years. It was outside for an airing and the frost hit. Carry on the tradition.

  3. The jade plant is one that Dave, of Dave and Jim, gave me years ago for Christmas. When he passed away, they decided to have a plant swap at his memorial because he loved plants so much. I had made cuttings from the original plant so I took one of those plants as my contribution to the exchange. I never used to be able to keep them alive, but I have good light for them now.

  4. Beautiful. Love the glass.

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