Thankfulness…A life in review

This week the photo challenge at the Women’s Colony is Things We are Thankful For. Or Things for Which We are Thankful, if you want to get picky. The full list of participating blogs will appear tomorrow at the WC. Check them out!

Here is my contribution (some of these pictures have appeared on this blog before, but they represent the best of what I am thankful for):

My father’s photography

Friends to ride a train with in Maine

Silent snow in the woods

Grandparents who will still dress up for Halloween

Friends to get silly with



My brother and his lovely family

A dad and son being good friends and enriching my life beyond measure.



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6 responses to “Thankfulness…A life in review

  1. You have much for which to be thankful. Many blessings over the holidays.Ron

  2. I'm so glad that I stopped by so that I can add your link to the post right away and it'll be up there when Mrs. G. publishes it. Lovely images and a lovely life. So much for which to be thankful. Thank you for playing along with the challenge.: jodi

  3. The winter woods! Beautiful!

  4. We are grateful for you and yours. Thanks for honoring us with your love.

  5. Just love the one on the carousel! Wonderful pictures.

  6. The shot of Bob and Cooper is up there with the one of you and me.

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