Maybe I’ll Get Voted Off the Island

In a week we will be off for the holidays. My college very kindly closes between Christmas Eve and New Years Day as does Cooper’s day care center. So every year I get roughly 10-14 days depending on when the holidays fall to be home. With my child and husband. And three dogs. 24 hours a day of blissful togetherness.

Please come get me. Please. Even for just one day.

If the weather is OK and we can get outside, it might not be so bad, but holy cat poop on a cracker, the age of three is beginning to wear me out.

Contrarian: a person who takes a contrary (opposite or incompatible with another) position or attitude. See COOPER.

Todays’ list of things we didn’t agree with included but is not limited to:

Getting out of bed when Mom said it was time; the amount of time it took for either parent to get Pinky and the Brain loaded into the DVD player; where the tree skirt for the Christmas tree should be; sitting vs. standing on the couch; getting dressed to go to school; the shirt mom picked out to wear to school; going to school vs. staying home and watching Pinky and the Brain all day; getting into the car seat in a timely manner; walking into school while holding mommy’s hand in the parking lot; walking not running up the ramp to the door; going IN the door; walking down the steps to our room; stopping at our cubby to put our stuff away; going into our room; staying in our room and not running around the halls like a mad man.

I got to the office and wondered if anyone would notice if I began drinking Bailey’s in my coffee.

I love my son. I do, I really really do. And I love when he tells me, completely spontaneously that he loves me. With a big grin and a hug. But I really really really hate arguing with someone all day. I hate negotiating EVERY little thing. I get this is all about control, and establishing and testing boundaries and his little burgeoning sense of self. I don’t want to squash that, but I also don’t want to feel mentally beat up at the end of the day. I don’t want to keep watching the clock and calculating how long we have until nap or bedtime. I want to ENJOY the time I have with him, not count it down.

So we are going to find things to do that week we are all off. Play dates with friends. Maybe a trip to the Children’s Museum or the Science Museum downtown. Because I really do want to enjoy and treasure this time, when he still wants to hang out with mom and dad and gives us hugs and thinks we are funny. Soon enough he will be a teenager and oh dear god in heaven I am too old NOW to be the mom of a teenager. I still have 10 years to go before he officially is one. Whimper.



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4 responses to “Maybe I’ll Get Voted Off the Island

  1. My younger son was thought to have oppositional-defiant disorder. It made perfect sense to me. If he still lives with you into his twenties, it gets better.Did that help? No? Never mind.

  2. At three, let's assume he's doing his best Helen Reddy imitation… and if he's still doing THAT into his twenties… well…

  3. Sounds as if life is going on as can be expected – maybe not all as easily as you would like ( we hear the stress). These issues may be repeated around age 70+. Yippee.

  4. It isn't easy. I found 3 very challenging. Just pace yourself and do plan for play dates and maybe a babysitter while you go to lunch with a girlfriend one day. And, trust me, when he is 13 he will sleep a lot and then want you to drive him places or just leave him alone in front of a screen of some sort.Hang in!

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