One of the perks of working in my office…

There are a variety of perks to my job, for working at this college, and specifically for working in my office.

Caper. She comes to work every day with my boss. She has been coming ever since she was 8 weeks old, and is without a doubt, the BEST BEHAVED DOG in the universe. And I know about poorly behaved dogs. Every morning she comes in the front door of our building and bee lines for my office, so she can squirm and snuff at me and get a treat. She comes in throughout the day unbidden just to say hi.

This is a picture from about 5 years ago, when Caper came to visit at my house once while her mom was out of town. She and my juvenile delinquents get along fabulously. If by fabulously I mean Poncho, who was not in the world at the time of this picture, growls with absolute ecstasy whenever she is around. I would never dream of bringing any of my dogs to the office, as they have this thing about BARKING at EVERYONE and NOTHING AT ALL and generally not being nearly as user friendly as Caper. But she certainly does make coming to the office a little more fun, even if that does involve more hair on my clothes.



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4 responses to “One of the perks of working in my office…

  1. Caper is a golden, which as everyone knows, is the most docile and neurotic of the canine world. Makes them need love from EVERYONE!

  2. At home, my dog is so well behaved. In front of others, she likes to do what I call the "crawl and lick". I'll put her in a down stay, but she'll creep along the floor so slowly that I don't really notice until she's moved a couple of feet. Her ultimate goal is to lick everything, including her own fur off of the carpet.

  3. Is it wise to leave animals entrusted in your care? I'm just saying.

  4. Oz

    All offices need a dog. We, unfortunately, have a no dogs at work policy, after a coworkers dog pissed all over the place awhile back.

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