Everything and nothing

Lots of work stuff going on, new students to begin awarding for next year, current students to get aid disbursed for, things and things and things and yet, nothing of real interest to talk about.

It is that time of year when I am TIRED of being cold. I like snow, I like the change in the seasons. But it has been frigid here for too long. Even on days when it is sunny and looks nice out, it has been 19 degrees out. Today is the warmest it has been in awhile, at a balmy 35 degrees. It snowed yesterday, nothing like it did south of us in the Philly and DC area. But I am quite over winter. I know it is not over with us, but I am ready for flowers and sun and not needing to put three layers of clothes on to go outside.

I am ready for that smell in the air that says the snow is gone and the flowers are pushing up through the thawing soil and I can open the windows and let the Buster bunnies blow out from underneath the furniture.

Bring on spring.


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  1. Ah, pictures of the sinus attack. Tis the season for spinning head syndrome here. But, lovely pictures out there of snowscapes. (Somehow lost Dawn's from NJ on FB.) Bulbs are peeking up – neighbor's tree is blossoming pink flowers, even bugs are showing up. chip has mowed the lawn for us. Thankful.

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