Super Duper Spider Cooper

Introducing the newly potty trained web slinger….

A month ago when we talked to Cooper about potty training, to which he was quite resistant, I said he could get a big prize once he was doing both poops and pee on the potty all the time.

“Spiderman costume, WITH mask?” he responded immediately. As if he had been planning this all along and was just waiting for ME to be ready.

Last Sunday we began the potty training. We had purchased a large quantity of super hero underpants, and by Wednesday, his teacher at school said she considered him potty trained. I think the good (or bad depending on your perspective) news is that he is as fussy about being dirty or wet as I was at his age. Once he was not in diapers, getting his underpants wet was not interesting to him at all.

So we have been living with Super Duper Spider Cooper since Friday afternoon. I am considering getting Buster a cape and a small mask, so he can be his trusty sidekick.



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4 responses to “Super Duper Spider Cooper

  1. My hero for sure!!! And I had noticed the trusty buster alongside him. We all send our congratulations on this successful mission.

  2. THAT is a cool looking Spiderman suit.

  3. I have one question…WHEN DID ALL THIS GROWING UP HAPPEN?

  4. Love it. Great web casting pose, too.

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