Princesses, they are not just for girls anymore…

My son is obsessed with princesses. He has recently watched a variety of shows or movies that feature princesses, and he “luffs them” as he likes to say. The Princess and the Frog showed up in Cooper’s Easter basket, and he has watched it many times now. Inside the DVD case was a pamphlet of Disney products, like other movies – Beauty and the Beast has definitely caught his attention – or the other merchandise that goes with the movies. Cooper has carefully kept this around, and looks through it frequently. He tells me every time he “luffs” the Princess and the Frog figurine. “Put it on my list” he will say. The list is the invention our our friend TR, who spends a lot of time with us, and told Cooper when he sees something he would like, he has to add it to his list for birthdays and Christmas. It is quite genius.

Today Cooper and I took a little trip to Whole Foods, to see if they sold the kind of yoga mat I have been considering getting, now that I am going to yoga more often. They don’t by the way. On our way to the store, Cooper said that when we got to the store, he wanted to look at phones. “Phones?” I asked. “Phones. Princess phones. I want a princess phone” he responded. WHU? Where do they get these things? Must be TV. He has seen commercials for Barbie, with light up jewelry and shoes (obviously the street walking Bimbo Barbie) and he will say “I LUFF that!” Pretty much if it involves either pretty girls in fancy dresses, or dragons, he loves it. You cannot fault him for being well rounded.

This week we have also had some new adventures in culinary choices with Cooper. He ate a Sweet and Salty peanut butter granola bar – the first time he has eaten peanut butter or peanuts or a really chunky granola bar, and a plain bagel. Just sat down and began chomping on it like he does it every day. Which he does NOT. He has refused to eat bread of any kind since he was 10 months old. It was one of the first solid foods he would gnaw on, and then he just stopped and refused to look any bread in the eye.

Just when you think you understand what is going on, you don’t. Cooper also wants to add to his list a princess costume. If a Spiderman costume got me a potty trained toddler, what can a princess costume get me, do think?



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5 responses to “Princesses, they are not just for girls anymore…

  1. You are raising a healthy child who is interested in all things male and female. I have a daughter who LOVES to dress up at Superman! But she will still put on fingernail polish and bows in her hair!Lindsey

  2. Got news for you, if it involves pretty girls in fancy dresses I luffs it too…and I turned out alright. Didn’t I? Michele, be nice.

  3. Your very own mini-Eddie Izzard?

  4. Oz

    But does he love dragons in pretty dresses? I have to say, we have pretty similar tastes. I, too, am a sucker for pretty dresses and bagels.

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