And the knot unravels just a little…

Today Bob was offered a job. A year and half after being laid off. And it is a HUGE relief. That knot that has been living just below my belly button unraveled just a little bit today. I was so happy for him when he told me. He had been working so hard at trying to make the real estate thing work, and unfortunately given how hard it is to break into that industry AND the lovely economic climate we are living in, it was not panning out quite as we had hoped. He is still going to keep it going as an option, but the full time job is what we needed.

Here is my kid enjoying his Buzz Lightyear action figure. For some reason Buzz says “Tally Ho!” when Cooper is in charge of his adventures. I do not know where that comes from. He cracks me up.

Today George Steinbrenner died. I am not a Yankees fan. Never have been, never will be. The Red Sox and the Indians are my teams. But I have spent most of my life hearing about Mr. Steinbrenner, and he was certainly a force of nature. His feuds with Billy Martin were legendary. He will certainly be missed for a variety of reasons.

I think today’s lesson has been that I was more anxious about our financial situation than I was willing to admit. The relief that this job represents is astounding. I am so happy for him, for us.



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5 responses to “And the knot unravels just a little…

  1. Happiness abounds. You handled it all with class, you two.

  2. Bee

    That is great news – so happy for you!

  3. That is awesome! Congrats to him and to you. My knot is getting a little tighter but I know that it, too, will unravel soon 🙂 Deep breaths. Moving forward.

  4. What a relief! You must be delighted beyond belief.

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