One Week: Progress…

A week ago I committed to joining Pish Posh in her get fit challenge. To that end I have been doing the following:

Getting on the treadmill 5 out of 7 days a week.
Recording my food intake in my handy FitnessPal app on my phone.

I have lost 2 pounds.

I sort of am not rushing to be all HOORAAAAY because honestly, most women will tell you they can gain or lose (or both) 2 pounds in a day. But it IS progress. It helps to maintain the momentum.

Recording my food/beverage intake, as I said last time, isn’t so much about restricting what I eat, because I really don’t believe in denying myself the things I enjoy. But it does make me stop and think about what I am eating. Do I really want the 40 calories from those chocolate kisses? Yes, yes I do. But I don’t really, so no thanks, not this time.

I like that this app asks me what my goal is (lose 20lbs) and then gives me a timeline for that based on losing a realistic amount of weight per week, as well as how many calories I would need to consume in order to achieve that goal in said amount of time. Again, I don’t look at it as prescriptive. More of a suggestion.

This makes me think about the quality of the food I am eating. One bagel has around 300 calories. One cup of fruit has 45 calories. Fruit is on the whole better for me, and I really like fruit, so I am going to choose the fruit and some cheese over the bagel this time. I will still eat a bagel every so often. Especially if I happened to have worked out that day.

It is about balance. Finding the balance.



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2 responses to “One Week: Progress…

  1. Jan

    Hey Michele – good luck with the diet. It is true that writing things down makes you more accountable and makes you think about what you putt in your mouth. My husband uses this technique and has lost about 14 pounds or so over the course of the last few months (in addition to doing power yoga). Anyway, a good technique for sure. It is good to splurge though here and again as life is too short not to splurge. I have also found that adding weight training to your exercise routine helps to speed up metabolism and burn calories – also fun to pump up (at least a little bit!)

    Happy blogging!

  2. Stopping by from the Pish Posh hop. I’m impressed with how many food/fitness apps there are these days–thinking about what you put in your mouth and how it applies to your goals is such a helpful technique.

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