And then I didn’t break my blog…

Hello! I have moved my blog. It was beginning to wear on me that none of the 3 people who read this regularly could leave me loving and adoring comments. So after trying to get some assistance from blogger, and not being successful in that venture, I decided to relocate to wordpress. It has been relatively painless. I hope you all find your way over here without too much difficulty, and that you can leave me all kinds of fabulous comments now.

In other news, Coop and I went to see The Lorax this weekend. I know people have been complaining that you don’t need to “fix” Dr. Seuss, and they would be right. But the book is really short, and if you are going to make a full length movie out of it, you need to add to the story. I thought it was good. Coop enjoyed it. No more is required of it.

I hope you enjoy the new blog look and feel.



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2 responses to “And then I didn’t break my blog…

  1. Dee

    Okay – it was a little weird that the latest blog did not show up – just the one previous. So, hope this works and we will try to send along great comments to boost our day. Your blog boosts ours.

  2. Yahoo! it looks fabulous!

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