How Curious George Got Me in a Twist This Morning

For reasons I am not going to question but don’t thoroughly understand, Cooper is on a Curious George kick lately. Before he goes to school he usually gets in two episodes of George and then a round of Peep and The Big Wide World. WHICH I LOVE. If you have had no reason to watch it, you should check it out. Quack the Duck is one of the best characters on TV in any genre.

But back to George. This morning one episode centered around George noticing the sounds around him. For those taking notes, they intended this as a sensory lesson, but by the end I was pretty sure it was also a lesson about how not to be a dumbass. They had a new neighbor move in upstairs, and this neighbor was making all kinds of noise and George was spending a lot of time trying to figure out what or who could be making the noise. He decided an elephant must live up there. Then he realized after visiting the zoo that elephants don’t make exactly the same noise. He eventually told the Man in the Yellow Hat, via pictures he drew (nonverbal communication FTW) that he believed a Galapagos Tortoise was up there, wrapping presents and making juice in the blender.

Pause here for a moment and consider what exactly George had to be hearing in order for him to think either an elephant or a large terrapine with mad juice making, present wrapping skills was living above him. He heard VERY loud thumping and banging. He heard crackling and crinkling. He hear whirring. Basically he had the neighbor from hell living above him.

Turned out it was a man who was artist, who painted murals with large, heavy stamps that made prints in the shape of various animal feet. So George wasn’t completely off base. He had an industrial sized paint mixer, which accounted for the whirring, blender type sounds. The canvases and other materials he rolled up after he was done painting made the crinkling sounds. When the neighbor wondered why George thought he owned a tortoise, the Man in the Yellow Hat said “Oh because we heard a lot of loud noise coming from up here.” To which the neighbor seemed genuinely puzzled.

You are bashing the floor with a large, heavy elephant foot shaped stamp, and running an industrial sized paint mixer. And you don’t realize you are making noise?

This is why I hate living in apartment buildings. It is why I hated living in residence halls as a student in college. I have always been overly sensitive about ambient noise in my world and no amount of exposure to my fellow humans has dissuaded me from my opinion that most of us are completely ignorant of the amount of noise we make. Don’t get me started on what Cooper’s teen years will be like with all that crazy “rock music” he will probably want to listen to. GET OFF MY LAWN. Sigh.

But this is how my morning started. Being reminded of, and consequently aggravated by, how clueless the average person is about the level of noise they put out into the world. Now I need to figure out how to get one of our neighbors with a very yappy, old dog to realize that the rest of us don’t want to listen to their very yappy dog yap endlessly in their yard.



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2 responses to “How Curious George Got Me in a Twist This Morning

  1. In my depraved mind, there are so many OTHER ways that Curious George episode could have ended. All I can say is its probably a good thing I don’t write children’s books/tv shows…

    BTW- LOVE LOVE LOVE THE NEW LOCALE!!!!! Congrats on the successful move, I look forward to commenting vociferously now. You know, to make up for lost time.

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