And then I didn’t work out for three days

Sometimes life just happens. This weekend was our accepted student day at work, which meant I was on the job from 9ish to 2ish Saturday. This is a day when my staff and I meet with families one on one for however long it takes. I have to smile and nod and remember that while I have been doing this for 22 years, this is probably the first time this family has had to think about a child going to college. It is the first time they have had to contemplate spending anywhere from a few thousand to $42000 a year for a child to go to college. So I need to smile and nod and be present for them.

I am what I like to call a situational extrovert. I CAN talk to people I don’t know, entertain a crowd if necessary with witty banter interspersed into dry financial aid information. But it is not my favorite thing to do. Do that for several hours straight and I am one done, stick a fork in me mama.

Which is all to say I did not work out yesterday. Then Cooper needed a hair cut today, we needed to go to Costco, and I didn’t work out today. Friday was planned as a not working out day.

Sometimes that is just how it goes. Life happens and suddenly you have not worked out for three days. A few days ago I weighed myself and I had lost 3lbs since I began tracking all of this stuff in my phone, and 6lbs since January. I want to lose 20lbs. My phone says I can do that by June if I keep on doing what I am doing, so I need to stay on track by eating well and exercising. But I am not going to beat myself up over not working out a few days in a row when I have other obligations going on. That would be counter productive. I need to stay positive to make progress. Tomorrow I have the day off, so there will be an extra long work out session. But for now I am not weighing myself again for fear I have regained those 3 lbs!



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3 responses to “And then I didn’t work out for three days

  1. That’s totally understandable! I am just like you. I CAN be outgoing, but only for a little while, and it isn’t natural. Natural would probably be speaking to one person every other week 😉 Just kidding.

    Yep life totally happens… but you are doing great! You are losing lbs and if you keep at it, often the weight loss increases because your workout intensity increases. Stick with it! I haven’t lost any weight yet but I am getting stronger. We can do this by June. Swimsuits! Fitting into our pants! Feeling fit, feeling strong!! 🙂

  2. Don’t you dare berate yourself for taking 3 days off. And don;t try to make it up. Just go back to your original plan. You will be fine, and you should be very very very proud of yourself!!!!

  3. Dee

    LA Juice is right on…

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