Things that happened in 1920…

The 19th amendment to the US Constitution was enacted giving women the right to vote.

Prohibition was implemented.

Isaac Asimov was born.

Agnes Gorman DePasquale was born. She is my grandmother and she is 92 blessed years old today.


She is the fashionable lady on the left, at my college graduation in 1986. The other ladies are my mother, Dee and my other grandmother, Ella.


Here she is again, circa 1987ish on the left with me, my grandfather Anthony, and my mother. And Fletcher. Fletcher is the only one not still with us today. Someone noted recently to me that I looked like my grandmother, and until she said that, I hadn’t seen it. But I see it in this picture. When you put the women from this side of the family together, there is a very strong resemblance.

We did not see this set of grandparents as much as the other set when I was growing up. They lived in Minneapolis until I was 14 or so, and then moved to Oregon where they live today. But I have some solid and fond memories from visiting with them. I remember Agnes teaching me to pump my legs while swinging, and playing Scrabble and cards after dinner with my mom. She was an avid golfer and bowler for a long time.

We will be out in June to visit again. I am so happy that Cooper has gotten to know both of his great-grandparents at a point in his life where he will remember them.

Happy Birthday Grandma Agnes. Hope you have a great day!!



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2 responses to “Things that happened in 1920…

  1. AWWW! I love it. Happy Birthday Grandma Agnes!!!

  2. Dee

    She thanks you for your kind thoughts. She was able to spend the day with family today.

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