I don’t have a bucket list as such…

I don’t really have a bucket list. I have things that if I have the chance to do them I will take the opportunity. I will even seek them out if time, money and being particularly bendy are not absolutely necessary. Note: I am a yoga practitioner, but will never ever ever get my feet to touch the back of my head in boat pose.

Anywho, I was reading something, probably looking at the gorgeous photos on Instagram, of places far away or of some ducks someone is raising in Scotland, because that is what social media does. It allows someone sitting on her deck in Waltham MA to see pictures of ducks being raised in Edinburgh Scotland by a woman who also fancies tattoos.

Where was I…oh yes, my non bucket list. It occurred to me looking at these pictures of Scottish ducks, (I don’t know if the breed is technically Scottish in all honesty) and I said to myself “Self, you would LOVE to see Edinburgh. And other places. Maybe if you do what you said a few posts ago about saying it out loud, you can make it a reality.”

I want to go to Scotland. And England. And Ireland. I want to get my Anglo Saxon on. I want to see lots of green and mist and fog and more green and drink tea in a place that scoffs at my tea in a bag made directly in the mug. I am not much for beer drinking, but I would make an exception here and there in pubs where they don’t have TV’s on every wall and Keno isn’t played. I might find the cigarette smoking bothersome. I forget that the rest of the world hasn’t banned smoking inside like we have. I even forget people still smoke sometimes.

I also want to visit, in no particular order: Barcelona (I need to see the mosaics made by Gaudi in person), Portugal, Italy (Florence, Naples, the Amalfi coast and Rome specifically), Germany and Austria (hello pastries and good wine) and Australia, mostly the coastal areas.

I am quite sure there are other places. Paris would be nice, New Zealand, if I am going to be down there to see Australia I might as well pop by.

Closer to home I would like to see parts of California like the wine country, Yellow Stone and other national parks. New Mexico, Wyoming. Just parts though, I don’t need to see the entire state. I fell in love with the IDEA of Wyoming reading My Friend Flicka. The mountains, the wild horses. But I am so not an outdoorsy person it is likely I would be overcome by “GAH, bugs, and where is the bathroom.”

So that is my short list of things I would like to see in this world. Cooper’s list is shorter. DisneyLAND and DisneyWORLD. On second thought, if we go to Epcot I can probably knock of a few countries off my list, right?



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2 responses to “I don’t have a bucket list as such…

  1. Audubon Ron

    Wow, did the ducks have a Scottish accent?

  2. zadge

    Bag Wyoming. It’s really windy and flat and not that pretty (Montana blows Wyoming away – go to Glacier National Park). . Absolutely go to Italy before anywhere else – Florence and the Amalfi Coast are my favorites – I need to see other parts of Europe but keep going back to Italy over and over again because it is just so fab. Oh, and can I come?

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