Experiments in macro…

I have an iphone, and it has the best photo editing apps on it. I even edit photos I have taken with the DSLR camera on the iphone.

This weekend I was looking at the pictures on Instagram, this great photo sharing app for iphones and droids, and saw some great macro photos http://www.grumblesandgrunts.com/ had posted. I asked her what lens she was using, and she responded she got this great macro lens for her iphone at http://photojojo.com/. I thought, hmmm, I bought a set of three iphone lenses from them at Christmas, so I wandered over there and discovered I actually bought four lenses. One is a wide angle/macro lens. So I have been having fun discovering the small parts of my world.

Dandelion puff:



Ant: Did you know they do not like to stand still for photos?


A chive flower almost bloomed:


Moss really close up:


Lily of the Valley, the cutest little flower you ever did see:


I feel I still need to practice, and probably try to take some pictures when I am NOT walking the dogs. They also do not like standing still. Makes taking these close up shots even more challenging.



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2 responses to “Experiments in macro…

  1. The iPhone really does have some amazing photo apps. It’s the reason I broke down and got one!!

  2. Way cool! I feel like my SLR is out of vogue now….

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