When writing your name inside the cover just isn’t enough…

I had the opportunity to go out to dinner with some friends last week. There are three of us who used to work together, and for the last however many years we celebrate each others birthdays by going out to dinner. The month of May plays host to Mary’s birthday so off we went. I had gnocci and a yummy caprese salad, if you would like to know. I love basil so much I can’t even describe how much I love it. Sigh.

Because dinner out usually means I will not be home in time to be in charge of the bath ritual, this meant The Bob got to man the ship as it were. He relayed this scenario to me, which played out after the bath was over.

Wait, backstory: Recently Bob acquired some books for Cooper at a book fair, at work. Cooper is only SLIGHTLY obsessed with super heroes, and Bob scored both a Marvel and a DC compendium of all of the heroes and bad guys from both super hero universes. These are large, hardback books. Cooper adores them, and they have become our before bed reading material. I know more than I could ever imagine needing to know about both super heroes and villians. Put me on your “call a friend” list, or at least on your team for trivia night. I am not kidding. Back to our story.

As Cooper was now dry and ready to go to his room to put on his pajamas, he passed the hamper that sits just outside of his room, where one of these books was resting. Cooper is tall for his age, so the top of the hamper is just slightly higher than crotch height. Bob was still in the bathroom, hanging up a towel, letting the water out of the tub, when he observed my child, flesh of my flesh, stop at the hamper, and put his naked p*nis (lame attempt to keep spammers and sickos from finding my blog) on the book. He took it in his hand, and pressed it on top of the book.

“Cooper…what did you just do?” asked the bemused father.

“Put my p*nis on my book.” Cooper responded.


“Because it’s mine.”


Of course the only question that I can think of now is WHAT ELSE HAS HE PUT IT ON?



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4 responses to “When writing your name inside the cover just isn’t enough…

  1. Laura


  2. cupcakemurphy

    I kind of admire that.

  3. BWAHAHAHAHA! This made me laugh so hard tears fell from my eyes. It’s the funniest freaking thing I’ve heard all week!

    Good Lord, I’m sending this link to everyone I know.

  4. LMAO! How very *male* of him! Already marking his territory with it.

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