How Many Passwords Do I Really Need?

Hello! The MLM family just returned from a fabulous week away on the west coast, visiting the extended MLM clan. After slightly more than a week of not logging into things at work, I have spent the morning staring at my computer mulling over the various permutations of the multitude of passwords I need to have to do my job.

Does raising llamas in the Pacific Northwest require passwords? Yet another reason to seriously consider that career change.

While we were over there, we did fun things.  Like taking a walk across the Willamette River in Salem OR on a renovated lift bridge.

We went down to the aquarium in Newport OR and saw jellyfish (I can stand, mesmerized by jellyfish for quite awhile. At least until someone points out the drool) and lost my parents for about 15 minutes. They are as bad as kids, wandering off without so much as a by your leave.

While down there we went to the beach at Yaquina Bay. It is soul-lifting to be on the Oregon coast. Most of it is state owned, open to the public. It is full of dunes and wind and rocks and sand and ahhhhhhh.

We visited with my family, saw my 93 year old grandparents, Agnes and Tony. Cooper deemed the place my grandmother is staying as “weird and creepy” which, well, I totally get. My grandfather is like a little Italian bear, hugging with such ferocity you forget you could probably knock him over with one finger.

It was great to spend time with family, seeing the glorious country side, the ocean, and just chill. Mostly it was worth the trip just for this picture:

My dad’s face makes me laugh. Every.single.time. Love to all of the family. Miss you already.



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4 responses to “How Many Passwords Do I Really Need?

  1. Dee

    Wait! You guys left us and we just meandered to find you! How far away could you be? And the picture. Ah me. Dad has on his “parkinson” face. Glad you could get to the beach. So beautiful there. Miss you 3 too.

  2. What a fantastic family photo! Glad you had a good time.

    Now I’m homesick:(

  3. thesuniverse

    That picture is fantastic.

    If it turns out that the llama raising does not require passwords, please let me know. Unless it does require actually dealing with llamas. Then I’ll pass.

  4. cupcakemurphy

    Yay Salem! Yay You!

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