The week in review…

A review of my week reveals the following: (not in any particular order)

– We watched the space station fly over last night. It was VERY cool, even though it looked like a very large bright star and not at all like a space rocket.

– My kid suggested he thinks his father and I should not eat meat any longer. At this moment in time I am not inclined toward accommodating this request. He was mostly distressed by the fact that I said I had eaten rabbit in my lifetime. You see, we are overrun with rabbits right now in our neighborhood. There were three in my front yard yesterday evening. They are so not afraid of anything either. I managed to work my way up to about 4 feet away from them, until one of them sprung in the air like a tiddlywink and the others shot out at all angles. I decided to run around waving my arms in the air to try to dissuade them from being in my yard. It didn’t work. My point is there seems to be a lack of rabbit predators in our neighborhood. Those damn feral cats that hang out up the street could at least do their part to thin the herd. Instead I am constantly finding one in my garden, nibbling on my beans. Which is what Cooper and I were talking about. I said we needed something that eats rabbits to move into the neighborhood, to keep the food chain in balance. He said HE didn’t eat rabbits, and I said I had. Then there was this horrified “Don’t do that again MOMMY. Don’t eat rabbits or any meat again.” I said I didn’t think I was going to become a vegetarian any time soon, but weirder things have happened.

– I need that fisher cat to hang around more, to eat the rabbits, to save my beans AND to reduce the existence of rabbit poop in my yard. Because my dog Gus keeps eating it. And then puking on the deck. So that the friends who come over step in it accidentally.

– We had friends over to swim. Having a pool in 95 degree weather is AWESOME.

– The pool is almost warm enough for The Bob to swim in. He won’t go in until the water is around 80 degrees. And he says he is from Maine.

– The veggie CSA is in full swing. I need to find recipes for kohlrabi that do not involve curry. I like heat, I just don’t like curry.

– Loretta Von Schnugglepuss, who I “met” via the comments on another blog, Simian Idiot, introduced me to this bit from MadTV. This is the kind of therapist I would have become had I continued down that path.

Have a nice weekend….



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3 responses to “The week in review…

  1. Dee

    Rabbits and poop aside, it sounds as if it was a good week. happy weekend to you too!

  2. cupcakemurphy

    That rabbit eating tidbit is the FUNNIEST THING I HAVE EVER READ. I am howling over here in far away from you. Can you hear me. Jesus that is funny. He thinks you’re going to start eating the rabbits. I can feel his worry wheels turning. A child after my own heart. Will you write more about that and submit it to a magazine so the world can poop their pants laughing please? thanks.

  3. Chip Kosboth

    Firecrackers. Bottle rockets. These are your friends.

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