48 years is nothing…

Yesterday I turned 48 years old. My grandmother was almost twice my age when she died. Based on those genes I am truly Mid Life Mama. Which means I probably, the gods willing, have quite a few more years in me.

Things I know to be true…

Life is too short to spend time being angry. If some one hurts you, either address it and forgive, or sometimes choose not to associate with that person if they cannot be mindful of your feelings. Or do not address it but move on in any event. Hanging on to anger is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die – Buddhah

Laugh a LOT. Trust me.

Cry when needed. It might be a stupid McDonald’s commercial or the end of a marriage that causes it. Just embrace it and cry. One of the best cries I ever had was watching the movie Trip to Bountiful with my mother. If you like to cry watch it.

Always take time to play with a kid or scratch the ears of a dog or cat. Or a horse. If you are petting a horse, also rub their velvety nose. Your blood pressure will thank you.

Life is too short to worry too much about what you eat. All things in moderation. Eat those French fries, just not every day.

Love. Love. Love. Just love. Open your heart and love. Send it out into the universe. It will come back to you.

Be a good friend. That does not mean be a doormat. It means care about the people worth caring about. Who care about you. 

Life will throw curve balls at you, but if you stay true to yourself, you will see it through.

There are more mysteries in is universe than anyone knows. 

Read. It expands your world.

Happy Day everyone.



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4 responses to “48 years is nothing…

  1. All excellent advice, I’ll take it!

    And happy belated birthday to you!

  2. I’m glad you were born so that you could turn 48 and write this sweet, wise list. Happy Berfday.

  3. Kathy Anderson

    These are tattoo-worthy sentiments. Except I’m not getting any ink any time soon. Maybe when I turn 80?

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