The Gator Whisperer, or What did YOU do this weekend…

This weekend was a beautiful weekend for swimming…

For laughing…

Cooper was feeding straight lines to his friend Charlie…who obliged with punch lines or silly sounds in response. Who needs the Three Snootches as Cooper calls them when you have real live 5 year olds.

And for hypnotizing a baby alligator…

I am calling him Allistar. He loved me, but Cooper did not think keeping an alligator in the pool was a good idea. I said it would certainly help with the rabbit problem. No dice. Pffft.

Fun fact: Alligator jaws are really strong when biting down on something, but pathetically weak when trying to open. One little piece of electrical tape is all you need to keep their mouths shut. Of course there is the whole getting the eletrical tape on their snout to begin with, but really, DETAILS. Also, I will hold almost any animal, reptile, or bug type creature, as long as I am not at risk for being bitten, stung or killed. I spent my childhood watching every Jacques Cousteau and Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom episode ever broadcast. I have no interest in dealing with the physical discomfort of hiding in the jungle, waiting for a

 South American red eyed tree frog to make an appearance, but if I had been allowed, I would have held one in my friends backyard. Tragically, we could not touch these little guys. That hangnail belongs to the Creature Teacher who brought the critters to a birthday party we attended.



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3 responses to “The Gator Whisperer, or What did YOU do this weekend…

  1. I feel bad for the alligator.

    • I should say that the only reason the animals are with this program is because they cannot for some reason survive on their own in the wild. They either rehabilitate them or they keep them for the duration of their lives. I did not ask why this alligator was with them.

  2. OK, Ima try this one more time. For some reason your blog hates me…

    3 Snootches!! Your little guy has the best sayings.

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