The last two weeks, in reverse…

I have been off the grid on and off because of vacation etc. but life has been busy none the less. In reverse order….

Had a lovely, humid weekend which included a lot of swimming with a boy who has suddenly learned to swim. We had one play date 2 weeks ago with a friend who could swim unassisted, underwater and everything. Suddenly Coop decided HEY! I can do that. He went from starting out this summer not wanting to put his face in the water to doing summersaults under water this weekend. Cannonballs and the random belly flop are also happening. Yesterday I attended my second Zumba class. I did not make a complete fool of myself and burned off 1000 calories. YAY.

Thursday I participated in a kayak race here at work, wearing a cow hat. Because I could, that is why. This is my coworker, and paddling partner. We did not win, nor did we lose. It was a lovely day to be on the Charles River.


Coop tested for and got his white belt in Karate. He was quite proud. As he should be.


He has become so grown up. He wants to hang in the locker room and goof around with the older boys. Which is fine until his first swirly. Then let’s see how much fun it is.

We made our annual pilgrimage to Friendship, Maine again.


We saw a parade in celebration of Friendship Days.


And Coop got his picture taken…


During the week we saw a lot of this:


And this:


and this…


I had my nails done by a 9 year old who plays the violin, builds fairy houses in the woods and paints nails for anyone who will sit still long enough. I am not usually this whimsical with my pedicures, and I never get manicures, but what the hell. I was on vacation.


And that brings me back to the beginning of last week, before vacation. Now we are back, three weeks away from having a kindergartner in the house. Who rides the bus. And does whatever else you do in kindergarten. KINDERGARTEN. I might need to lay down.



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2 responses to “The last two weeks, in reverse…

  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time!

  2. I love you very much for many reasons but I think this sentence is the main one: Thursday I participated in a kayak race here at work, wearing a cow hat.

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