On losing time…

This weekend included this:

And this:

And while I wasn’t able to be there personally, it also included this:

 This is my dad, celebrating his 75th birthday. Happy birthday George! Dad doesn’t ask for much in this life any more, a good steak and a balloon hat is exactly what the occasion called for. I really wish I could have been there.

This weekend also included my kid being a little bit of a jerk. We spent Saturday doing Cooper centered things, like going to his first gymnastics class of the new fall season, and spending several hours in the woods, running and playing with his buddy Will. Sunday came and almost the first thing out of his mouth was “What are we going to do today? What fun thing are we going to do?” In response to this The Bob suggested going to SoWa, a farmers market that happens in South Boston every Sunday from May or so to October. “BORING” was Cooper’s response. When I suggested that it was either that or stay home all day, possibly in his room for being RUDE, he said “ALSO BORING.”

The next half hour was spent having the same conversation, at which point we decided we would NOT be leaving the house and dragging a whining 5-year-old to any place. The Bob went and got iced coffee and I proceeded to make soup, and grind up zucchini for bread and muffin making. Cooper took my iPad and began playing games.

Which he did for the next 5 hours. I even snuck in getting a massage (the first I have had in YEARS and it was delicious) and when I returned at 4pm, Coop looked at me and said “So when are we going? I thought you said we would be going in 10 minutes.” I looked at him, looked at The Bob and replied “Dude, that was 5 hours ago. The entire day has now passed and we are not going anywhere.”

Coop looked at me, looked at his father and said, I believe I am quoting him verbatim, “WHAAAAAT? No it didn’t. WHAT?” He had just experienced for the first time in his life, that moment when you realize you have lost yourself so thoroughly in an activity that you do not recognize the passage of time, and suddenly hours have passed as if it were 10 minutes.

The concept of time, seconds, minutes, hours, are still fuzzy concepts. We have both digital and non digital clocks in our house, so we are able to talk about time with a clock with a face, numbers, hands and illustrate as clearly as possible how time is divided up. But it is something he has a very small amount of patience for. He prefers to consider time in terms of how many SpongeBob Squarepants episodes ____ activity might take. That is fine, it is a starting point.

But he knows enough about time and the passing of the day to know he lost time yesterday. Completely, and utterly lost. Suddenly, bath time was on the horizon. Whatever activities he thought the day might include, they were no longer an option. I would like to think that he learned an important lesson about making the most of the time you have, etc. But realistically, I am pretty sure that what he learned was he can pass a LOT of time playing Angry Birds and watching youtube videos of Angry Birds and SpongeBob on mom’s iPad.



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3 responses to “On losing time…

  1. Your dad looks like one of the Good Guys.

  2. Well, at least you got a massage?

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