He is telling us who he is…

So here’s the thing. If you haven’t been paying attention, the Republican candidate for president recently was overheard, and recorded saying some pretty ignorant things about the American people. You can go here to read more.

The short version is that Mr. Romney asserts that 46% of Americans do not pay any federal income taxes. And about that particular point he is not actually wrong. He then goes on to say that these are the people who put President Obama in office, and who will vote to keep him there, because he will protect their blood sucking, leechful ways. This might be where he goes dreadfully wrong.

Of the 47% of Americans who do not pay any federal income tax, 61% do pay payroll taxes, so they are employed to some extent. They just happen to earn so little, or qualify for some form of tax credits that they are not required to pay federal income tax. Also, and perhaps more importantly, because of Romney’s assertion that these Americans are the ones who voted for Obama and will continue to vote for him, one should note that the marjority of these American’s Romney is asserting voted for Obama live in red states.

Nearer and dearer to my heart is the fact that outside of the 61% of the working poor that Romney suggests should be paying federal taxes out of their meager earnings we have the elderly. Those who do not pay income tax any longer because they have no income from work, but who do access programs such as Medicare and Social Security. People like Dee and George, my parents. People who worked for 40 some years, dutifully paying their fair share of taxes, paying into these programs so that when the time came, they could then access the programs to be able to have health care coverage and could put a roof over their heads and food on the table. There are plenty of things you could say about my parents, but calling them leeches on society is not one of them. I have no illusion that I will see a dime of Social Security when my time comes, but I do try to consider the money I am putting into that system my contribution to supporting my parents.

Then there is myself and my husband, who had to supplement our income for a year and a half through unemployment benefits when The Bob was laid off in 2009. Was this something we WANTED to do? Is this something that we continued to do? No. It is a program that helped us keep a roof over our heads and food on the table for a period of time and I am truly grateful for it. AND we continued to pay federal taxes.

There are any number of reasons someone might be disappointed in the last four years of Obama’s presidency. I am sure he has not accomplished as much as he would have liked. But headway was made. What people cannot say if they are using their brains at all is that Romney is a better choice. This man does not know what it is like to be an average citizen, what it costs to buy groceries for a week, put a child in day care or fill a gas tank. And he does not care. All you have to do is listen to him speak. Read his words. He is telling us who he is, what he believes. I watched it happen here in Massachusetts when he was governor. Which he has noticeably stopped talking about. He was out of the office more than he was in. When his administration was over, we were 47th in the country for job creation. FORTY SEVENTH. Out of FIFTY. There were only 3 states that were worse at creating jobs, BEFORE the big crisis of 2008, than MA. And we have a higher median income with more scientific and technical jobs than most states in the country. We have a college practically every 12 feet. But we were worse than 46 other states at job creation.

He is telling us who he is. Don’t come crying to me if he gets voted into office and is a massive disappointment to us ALL.


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  1. In 2004 I thought the people most hurt by the then current embodiment of the republican party (born in 1980) would absolutely never let another Bush in office, and found myself utterly devastated by and disenchanted with Americans who don’t have the sense to vote to protect their own best interests. People who would rather shake a fist about gay marriage and abortion, as long as they have cheap beer and nascar, and ignore the cold hard facts staring them in the face about the republicans they vote into office. Republicans don’t hurt me personally, but their policies and ideology are incredibly loathsome and they are destroying our country as a democracy. The fact that Sarah Palin has a national stage upon which to open her utterly idiotic mouth make me feel like I am playing my fiddle while Rome burns. For me, the most depressing, disappointing aspect of our politics in this age is the American public who support politicians who don’t care about them, and don’t give a damn if they suffer and take from us all. Complacency and ignorance will cost us all.

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