But I just GOT the Kung Fu…

Monday nights I have jazz rehearsal, so I don’t get to go to karate class with him. I am home by the time he is done with class, so I was there, on the couch when he came in, with a secret smile on his face, holding the ends of his white belt in his hands.

“How was class” I asked. He took one hand off his belt, revealing a third red stripe had been added. “No WAY!” I exclaimed enthusiastically. He took the other hand off the other end of his belt. An orange stripe. His first. “WHAAAAT?” I said, looking into his very proud and ridiculously happy face.

His father reported that he did so well in class Sensai commented on it twice in class, and made sure to comment on it to him after class.

Apparently watching both Kung Fu Panda movies, back to back, more than once, in a weekend CAN be beneficial.


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