Well then…

The last week has been interesting. I had reason to travel and see things like:

And this:

Crazy, right?

And then there was the discovery that my mother has endometrial cancer. Side note: Spell check wants to make that “detrimental” which is quite frankly, totally accurate. This is a very treatable and survivable form of cancer, but still…CANCER. I am not overly worried about mom dying. We are all on that path at various points anyway. It will happen eventually. But I am worried about her being sick, and frustrated by not being able to be there regularly to assist. You know, make meals, drive to appointments, laugh about stupid things and just generally BE there.

And exactly where does her uterus get off, getting all sick and stuff? Once you go through menopause the uterus should just hang out and enjoy retirement. Not start getting all drama queen look at me I used to grow humans you know. I’m special, pay attention to me. Because that kind of behavior gets you kicked out of the body, uterus.

In the long run I am sure mom will be fine. It is the in between now and fine I am not happy about. So good thoughts and prayers and blessings are welcome.



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2 responses to “Well then…

  1. Oh man, that’s rough. Treatable or not, cancer is awful.

    Sending good thoughts your way!

  2. I am sending you unending good thoughts in the in between.

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