Wishes and blessings

This week has been crazy. We had to hunker down and wait out Super Storm Sandy. We fared very well. There was very little rain in the western burbs of Boston, and while we had 60 MPH winds, we did not lose power where we are.

The Schnauzers refused to go outside for most of Monday, and passed out from all of the being on high alert with all the bashing and crashing of noise going on outside.

Gus falling out of his bean bag from exhaustion Monday night…

To all of my New York and New Jersey friends, real and bloggy, I send nothing but best wishes and blessings out to you as you surface from what appears to be some of the worst devastation wrought by an act of nature in recent memory. People are likening it to the devastation of 911. In Massachusetts we experienced high winds, and the coastal areas saw a lot of waves but NOTHING happened here like it has in your areas. A friend texted me pictures from her parents home on Long Island, where the only road in and out has been washed away. Her brother’s new house that he has not even closed on yet has water up to the first floor windows and people kayaking by the front door. That is disappointing to say the least.

They are saying New Jersey is not going to be back to normal for a very long time. New York transit is reporting they have never had the kind of water in the subway systems they saw over the last two days.

Best wishes and blessings. Be safe.


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