In which I talk about pies, again…

Everyone I know on facebook is going to hate me by the time the next 15 days are over, but I promise I will stop talking about it in 15 days.

I am selling pies. I am selling pies to raise money for Community Servings an organization which provides home delivered meals to critically ill and homebound clients in the greater Boston area. Every Thanksgiving season they have a fund raiser, Pie In the Sky, which allows people to buy a pie for their Thanksgiving meal, or they can donate a pie to a client, and each pie sold means 4 meals for a client.

Last year I just bought a pie. It was GREAT. This year I decided to contribute both by buying another pie (I highly recommend the apple, but I might try the sweet potato as well this year), but also by being a seller. That way I can help get more pies sold and raise more money for a great organization.

I don’t particularly like marketing things. It is the reason I went into financial aid instead of admissions. You have to do a little marketing in my office, but I don’t have to work too hard to get people to seek out my professional services. It is though, part of the problem that my blog has stayed microscopically tiny in the grand blog scheme of things. I don’t like marketing myself. So choosing to sell pies, and say HEY THIS IS A GOOD IDEA is stretching a bit for me. Stretching is good.

And it is for a good cause. I don’t make any money off of it, I just want to sell pies.

If you live in the greater Boston area, and you want to buy a pie (you have to pick it up yourself at one of MANY convenient pick up locations) or if you don’t live locally or don’t need a pie, or want to buy one to donate to a Community Servings client, you can do so at my sellers page Pie In The Sky.

It’s win/win as far as I am concerned.


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  1. That is a win-win. And you market away, especially when it’s for a good cause!

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