Revelation about Revolution…

Are you familiar with the TV show Revolution? It is a post apocalyptic tale of the world after something happens and the world loses all Forms of power. The first show opens moments before this horrible event occurs, and as the people watch the world crash to a halt, airplane s fall out of the sky, satellites plummet to earth. Everything just stops. Then we fast forward 15 years to a world that has begun to rebuild. It is like colonial times, people farming and riding horses. 

The Bob wants to watch this show. I had my doubts about it, but decided to give it a try. Right from the start it reminded me of Alas Babylon, a book I first read in high school sometime. It had a similar premise, accept the apocalypse was nuclear in nature. People were dying from radiation poisoning, things like that.

As Revolution unfolded I began to get very tense. I was not enjoying the show at all. Society has evolved into fiefdoms where armed men enforce tax collection, there is conscription and people live in a general sense of anxiety and fear. I finally turned to Bob and said I could not watch this show. It is somewhat hard to explain, but I just did not want to let this anxiety and worry I was feeling into my life. Especially as a mom I find I think this way even more. I find there are enough real boogie men and spooks in the corners to worry about without inviting in more. 

I think Bob gets frustrated with this, as it is the same reason I refuse to watch The Walking Dead. I mean really, we are entirely too obsessed with zombies right now. Why does anyone want to think about brain eating monsters and how to kill them? Why do we want to think about viruses infecting our major cities or the world as we know it coming to a screaming halt when all automation and power is lost? 

Not I. I will watch the frivolity that is Dancing with the Stars, because it is light and silly and there are usually no zombies. It may not improve the world much, but it does not make me sit here worrying about Cooper being sent off to a labor camp or being turned into a brain eating monster. 


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  1. I am leaving my own comment to say that I need to not post ever again on my ipad. Between randome capitalizations and mispellings, it is awful.

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