Please please please please…

PLEASE let this election be over today. As in a winner is clearly defined, that we don’t have hanging chads and popping eyeballs on the news for the next two months and we can all just move forward. 

In other news, Cooper received one of two awards handed out at karate last night. The Spirit Award, for showing great dedication to karate and to Shorin Ryu Academy. Which is TOTALLY AWESOME!! Of all the various activities we have tried now, including Tball, soccer, gymnastics and karate, karate is the one that has resonated with him the most. It is the one he gets the most positive feedback, even though it also comes with the most discipline. The first day he took the class, he came out of it walking extra tall, with this look of pride and commitment that I didn’t think was possible for a 5 year old. I am SO GLAD we tried it out, and in particular we found this dojo and this Sensai. Some places can be less serious, and some can be all about the one on one fighting. This academy really focuses on personal responsibility while learning the skills, but makes it fun at the same time. And the kids respect Sensai. I had one parent tell me that she has actually involved Sensai in a few disciplinary actions with her sons, because if you tell them they lose TV time, so what. But you tell them they cannot test yet for the next belt because they have not shown they are ready for it through their behavior, that gets their attention. 

I think we may be doing karate for awhile. Image


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