A wrinkle in time…

6 years ago, or maybe just yesterday, I became a mom. It was not on my agenda, I didn’t expect to be a mom, but there is your list, and then there is the universe’s idea of what should happen. Since I generally deplore making lists, it seems apt that something unexpected, something of this magnitude would happen to me without my planning it.

6 years ago, or maybe just yesterday, a little boy was pulled out of me, 8 weeks early because being pregnant was quite literally killing me. It was stressing my then 42 year old system to its maximum, shutting down my kidneys and spiking my blood pressure. “So we are going to deliver this baby tonight” my doctor informed me, at about midnight on the 10th, after having checked the latest lab results. I blearily called The Bob and said come now, they are going to deliver him. Then, as they hooked me up here and down there and all around, my doctor and I discussed doing some extra plumbing work while she was in there. “Tie them off” I said. “OK, no problem, but let’s talk about if he doesn’t make it. We have gotten you to 34 weeks, we think. And he seems healthy by all measurements. But he will be early, and things happen. If the worst happens, will you want another chance?” I paused, looked at her, looked at my feet so swollen with fluid retention I could not get them into any shoes. “I am the Michelin man. I can’t breathe, I gained 20lbs of water weight in the last week and my heart is about to explode. I am not doing this again. If the worst happens, and we want a child, we will find a different way. I am not doing THIS again” I responded.

It took several more hours and one unexpected delivery of another baby before she got me into the operating room. The nice anesthesiologist gave me a spinal block (BIZARRE) and around 5am I had one small, 4lb, 4oz son. He was a redhead. With slate blue eyes. ???? My people don’t make those I said. But since he had just been pulled from my stomach, we were pretty sure he was mine.

He stayed in the special care nursery 18 days. Today he is a giant among kindergartners. I have no idea how big he would have gotten if he had gone full term. He is here, lighting up our lives, making us laugh every single day, and alternately making us CRAZY every single day. But I would not trade it for anything.

Yesterday he turned 6, but it feels like it was just yesterday he arrived in our lives, changing them forever.




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