Save for college, save for bail…decisions decisions decisions…

I was quite unwell for the last few days. Apparently there is a nasty virus running around making people believe they are going to die because they Seriously, for 2.5 days every four hours, when the advil would wear off, I felt like every cell in my body was being stabbed. No fever, just PAIN.

In the middle of this blinding pain yesterday, I needed to take Cooper to the dentist at the end of his school day. I had forgotten to ask about the protocol around a pickup at this time, so I emailed his teacher. She explained what to do, and ended the email with a little anecdote.

Backstory: In her class they use a color code card system to acknowledge visually how you are doing, behavior-wise. Having a good day? You get a green card. Get super silly at circle time, having a hard time focusing? You move to yellow. Do something that requires consequences, such as a loss of recess time, move to orange. Do something REALLY bad, requiring a note or a call home to a parent, perhaps a parent-teacher conference, you are on RED. We expect a lot of green and yellow days, even a smattering of oranges. We are the parents of a recently turned 6 year old boy. It goes with the territory.

Back to yesterday. The anecdote goes as follows: Cooper had to be put on orange, and lost some recess time, because he thought it was a good idea to back out of the bathroom, waggling his underpants clad bottom at his classmates.

Apparently I gave birth to John Belushi. I mean, I know he has yet to meet a prat fall that didn’t send him into fits of laughter, and The Three Snootches and Spongebob Squarepants are on regular rotation in our house. I just wasn’t QUITE ready for the antics to be taken up a notch at school.

In reviewing this obviously poor choice on his part with him last night, after practicing not laughing before picking him up, it came out that this might not have been his own idea. It is unclear. That led to a discussion of making better choices, not always doing what someone suggests just because you think it is funny or you want to be liked. Because today it was something silly like wagging your fanny at your class, (although to be honest, if that had been a naked fanny that might have earned him a worse school punishment) the next time it could be something dangerous. Or illegal.

But I am left wondering exactly how much should we be saving for lawyer fees and bail…


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  1. Three Snootches, I love that:)

    He’s a little boy, wagging fannies go with the territory. For a period of time I worked with first graders, and it was so, so hard not to laugh at their antics!!

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