Observations from the west coast

It is really quiet here in my parents house. Until it isn’t. The day gets started here much later than it does when I am at home. I have forced myself to go back to sleep when I wake up at 5:15am. That is entirely too early for me to get up around here. There is no 6 year old or dogs demanding attention. If I get up at 5:15 it will be hours before I see another soul. Which is actually not the worst thing that could happen. But it means that by 9pm I am in a coma again.

So it is really quiet, because there are two people who take their time with their days, doing the things you do when you don’t have a lot of demands on your time. But then when they start to talk to each other, or I need to convey information to one of them, these people who have hearing aids now…when the talking starts it is loud. There is a lot of “WHAT?” said. And if the TV is on…

There are three calendars in this house which are used regularly. Two are in the same room, and have essentially the same information on them. One is by the computer here, the other over by the phone. You can see how this is necessary. You are on the phone, making an appointment, you write it down. The next time you are on the computer, reading an email from your daughter which announces the day and time of her arrival, so you write that down. But each time you don’t want to have to find the calendar, carrying it back and forth. It is best to have two. The periodically make sure they both have the full set of info. The other is in their bathroom. Dad uses it to keep track of the number of ants he sees. Not too many this time of year.

Things that have made me laugh out loud:

Mom at the table at dinner, eating salad. A loud sigh and she says “I am tired of chewing this salad.”

Me, asking where she would like this wreath hung. “It hung on a nail over the computer last year” she responds. Is that where you want it now? Yes…I go to the other room where the computer is. There is no nail.

I finished another book. I decided to put off reading the Dennis Lehane book until the flight home. I read another silly little mindless book which is perfect for this kind of visit. Now I am reading a book Cottage for Sale, Must Be Moved, about a woman who buys a small 300 square foot cottage, and moves it to where her house stands, with the intention of connecting the two buildings and enlarging her living space. It takes place on Cape Cod. It is like Under the Tuscan Sun but on Cape Cod. And I mean the BOOK Under the Tuscan Sun, which was a love story about a house in Italy and fascinated me and made me want to move there. Not that insipid movie they made, which I refuse to see but read enough of the reviews to know they forced a non existent love story between people into it and ruined the actual story. BOO Hollywood. BOO.

Tomorrow I hope to see my grandfather, before going home on Wednesday. I have been having lovely if not slightly spastic facetime video chats with The Bob and Coop. Once or twice Gus the Schnauzer’s face has pushed into view, as if he knows that I am on the other end of this conversation and he wants the mama to know that all will be forgiven if I will JUST COME HOME. Soon babies, soon.


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  1. We’re on the same coast. This is exciting.

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